What is my approach

Whether you're searching for a new career or need help navigating the one you've had for years, I bring in a host of tools from conflict resolution to communication strategies to mindfulness, so we can successfully unravel any old patterns that no longer serve you in business or in your personal life.
I’ve trained in multiple modalities and coaching styles, so my approach is holistic and solution-based and never prescribed based on one methodology. 
Together we'll engage in an intimate and collaborative process and chart a goal-centered roadmap.
I'll provide you with instant day-to-day relief and support that is essential when we're working through transformation and transition.  

"Alexa has helped me gracefully move through difficult feelings and decisions in my personal and professional life. She is an advocate for your inner truth and instills confidence through her attention as a listener and co-creator." 

- Audra GV, Lead, Career Center, Sonoma State University

People often ask, "What is coaching?" It helps with...

Image by Michael Schubert
Managing effectively

Hone your ability to manage down, across, and up with ease, confidence, and skill. 

Communicating with others

Learn how to effectively communicate in negotiation conversations, with funders, direct reports, your family, and peers. 

Building your confidence

Let go of old fears and beliefs that stand in your way.

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Knowing your needs & how to advocate for them

Often we feel most lost when we don't actually know what we need or want. Where do I begin amongst competing thoughts? Can I actually make money at what I love? It's all possible, one step at a time.

Landing your dream job or creating it

You deserve to be satisfied in your role. 

Navigating constant change

Being a leader today often means dealing with continuous ambiguity. Learn skills to ride the waves comfortably without floundering.