1:1 Coaching 

Not only do I provide you with tactical and practical skills, tools, and resources; I also offer probing questions, insights and inquiry into your deeper soul and heart. What are you longing for and what are the practical steps to get there? 

1:1 Leadership Coaching
Group Facilitation

I work with managers and C-level leaders to help

  • effectively build stronger teams

  • create a safe space for transparency and honesty

  • develop essential leadership skills

Group Facilitation
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Most of us wait until it's too late and costly to identify and tackle tough challenges within our corporate culture.  I will direct, move the conversation forward, keep each individual’s best interest at heart, and hold a positive approach towards resolution.

Image by Joris Berthelot

"Alexa does an incredible job facilitating discussions. She's extremely open to feedback and adjusts her approach over time based on the group's specific needs. She's great at enabling everyone to have a voice and really asks thoughtful/useful questions to encourage further dialogue." 

Mert Celebi, Co-founder of Veil, client through