Everyone has an official bio. This is mine:


Alexa’s strategic mind, playful spirit, and commitment to truth-telling make her a unique coach. Clients say that after just one session they feel more confident, supported, and able to execute.


She has a gift for intuitive and empathic listening while supporting her clients to create space for productive change and take risks that can yield tangible results.

"Alexa listened to me with true sincerity as I explained the challenges I was facing at work and helped me clarify what my true goals were. She was able to assist me to envision what next steps could help me resolve my challenges and she helped redirect my focus to a productive and positive outlook."
- Ruth D., Pilates Studio owner

With a Masters Certificate in Mediation and Conflict Resolution and advanced training in emotional-intelligence tools, effective communication, and group facilitation, Alexa employs a discerning, solution-forward approach with each of her clients. Her use of somatic (body-based) healing tools, compassionate and fierce communication, and tactical resources helps clients address personal and business challenges; they are able to better balance demanding career needs with their desire for mind, body, and soul integration.


Alexa’s deepest core value is to honor the whole person and help each client identify what they truly need, long for, and wish to express in the world. Through their work together, the ideal role/job, improved relationships, and stronger leadership presence naturally follow. 


She has been a chapter leader and a board member of the Young Women Social Entrepreneurs, an international women’s business association, for seven years. Over the past 15 years, Alexa has managed teams in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors and helped hundreds of executives and mid-level managers–in companies as diverse as Kaiser Permanente, Google, Coach, and SAP gain greater confidence and connection in their business and personal lives.


Alexa hails from the great state of Vermont (think cheese, maple syrup and Ben & Jerry's) and is a striving muralist. You can see some of her artwork here