Training in Larkspur CA
Open hearted and wildly transparent leadership coaching. 
Leading requires us to dig deep and be willing to engage in self inquiry to overcome tough barriers like these. But doing this work alone can be difficult and isolating. 

I often hear the words: “I’m unhappy in my role, but I can’t get out; I just got three new direct-reports, but have never been trained to manage; I’m lonely at the top.” 

To me, leadership development coaching is to provide practical tools along with radical self inquiry. My role is to copilot your journey and act as a support person, listening closely and reflecting back to you both your dreams and the limiting beliefs standing in your way.

Coaching can help with...

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Managing effectively

Hone your ability to manage down, across, and up with ease, confidence, and skill. 

Communicating with others

Learn how to effectively communicate in negotiation conversations, with funders, direct reports, your family, and peers. 

Building your confidence

Let go of old fears and beliefs that stand in your way.

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Knowing your needs & how to advocate for them

Often we feel most lost when we don't actually know what we need or want. Where do I begin amongst competing thoughts? Can I actually make money at what I love? It's all possible, one step at a time.

Landing your dream job or creating it

You deserve to be satisfied in your role. 

Navigating constant change

Being a leader today often means dealing with continuous ambiguity. Learn skills to ride the waves comfortably without floundering.



"Alexa is a top notch coach. Over the course of five years, she helped me work through struggles, learn from my experiences, and apply those learnings to improve where I was. After each session, I would immediately feel at ease and better no matter what was going on."

- Ashley Perlman, Brand Marketing Manager, Marine Layer